My Top 5 Hot Spots For Brunch In Edmonton

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that... I love to eat. 

Seriously, brunch is one of my favourite things to go out and do. And over the years in in Edmonton - I feel like I have cultivated a list of places that can 1. Give you a wide variety of brunch 2. Hit all different price points 3. Make sure your tastebuds end up leaving the most satisfied they have ever been when it comes to brunch. 

So, without teasing you any longer, here they are. 

1. The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. 

Seriously, having brunch here is such a dream. Not only do they have everything that your heart, or stomach can desire. But you get to have brunch with a view too. 

Obviously variety comes with a price tag to it... But, it's a great place to brunch for those special occasions. 

2. Under The High Wheel

A total hipster's dream - with the unique decor, locally grown and variety of organic ingredients, Under The High Wheel never disappoints ! You may have to wait a little bit to get in due to the popularity - but it's totally worth the wait. 

3. Barb & Ernie's

Total Edmonton Classic. I have been going to Barb & Ernie's since I was a little girl, the outside of the building whisks you away to Europe, and the inside is such an amazing time vault to see how the restaurant has thrived over the years. The food is super tasty, and even more tasty once I forget about the calories of it all, especially since they have such huge portion sizes. 

4. De Dutch

I first visited a De Dutch in Kelowna, in fact, we ended up eating there twice since we didn't think that we would get to have it again. Little did I know we had one in Edmonton. 

I love the Dutch styled pancakes and bacon from there ! 

5. Tutti Frutti

I know most people tend to frequent a Denny's or a Cora's... But i feel like Tutti Fruitti is the underrated contender of the three. I always opt for the crepes. 

There are so many places I frequent when it comes to brunch to be fair... That I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself by calling this my TOP 5 places... Cause let's be real, that list probably changes based off of what type of food I am in the mood for. 

Where are some of your favourite brunch spots in Edmonton ?! I am always looking to add new ones to my ever growing list.