Did Somebody Say Sangria ? | Weekly Vlog

Well hello there friends ! 

Another week down ! It's crazy to think that March is already half over, especially when it just felt like it was new years yesterday. 

Life has been so busy, I mean I haven't even seen some of my best friends who live a couple minutes away since NYE ( hey Stephy if you are reading this ). And truthfully, with life so on the go these days, I have truly been counting down to the few spare hours I get to keep to myself on a Saturday. 

This Saturday was a bit extra special, I go to FaceTime with one of my other best friends ( you will come to notice there are alot of people i refer to as my best friends... Cause, although there are many people in my social circle, there are really only a few that i am SUPER close with ). I got to go out and about with Victoria, and try out some new restaurants and get some outfit photos. 

Then my church was having a worship night, which was absolutely unreal, and really moving. As well as my friend Miranda came to take it all in, and then we went to grab a bite to eat after. I have a hard time saying NO to Charcuterie lol. 

Instead of my waffling on telling you every detail about it, you can totally hit the YouTube link listed above to watch it all go down, and make sure you subscribe if you haven't already. 

What did you guys get up to this weekend ?