2016 Year In Review

The reason that I know that this close circle is missing today is because people have to put up Facebook status’ saying, “Hey anyone doing anything fun tonight, wanna hang ? “, or “ Hey, i’m moving house tonight, can anyone help me ?”.

The reason they have to put something up to the public is because they don’t have anyone in private to say, “Hey, I’m moving house, do you mind just helping me ?”

If you wanna know if you have this close circle you just need to see who you go to the good times, and the bad times. When you got the job who do you the job, who do you text in the moment with the knuckle emoji’s, letting them know you got the job.

Or when you got the word you got fired, who was the first person you text saying, “ I’ve got nothing to do tonight, just been laid off from work, can you hang ? “

When you just got engaged who’s the first person you told before you change your status on social media. Or when you went through a bad relationship situation who are those people that you went to for advice?

Who are those people you opened up to ?

Who are those people you told when you are about to have the baby, “come over, we’re gonna celebrate”. And who are those people who came and joined you when you had the miscarriage, and even though they may not have had anything to say, they just sat with you, and prayed with you, and were there for you.

... Those people, are your close circle, that is a close circle collab.

Maybe you are seeing this, thinking you dont have that in your life...

... or you are thinking, “i don’t know anyone like that”.

Well, here’s the key... Vulnerability.

The key is vulnerability, the moment you take off the mask, the moment you stop exaggerating, and you be the real you, is the moment that people get to meet the real you... And the trust starts developing.

Here’s the key, start adding value to other people. Start treating people how you would want to be treated, and you will find birds of a feather flock together, as long as like is attracted to like.
— Ps. Dan Blythe

Hello Friends, 

Happy New Year To YOU!

I am finally getting around to posting my 2016 Yearly Review ! Now... Around April I got this smart idea to start filming little clips, cause I wanted to throw together a video for the new year. And, OH MY GOODNESS, I literally had hours of footage to go through, and I widdled it down to just under fifteen minutes. 

Obviously, I get that this video may not be of the most interest to alot of you, but it honestly warms my heart, and gives me a right good belly laugh to watch it. I've had such an amazing year with my friends, and developing deeper relationships with the people in my life. 

... That you know in the Sound Of Music, when they sing about their favourite things... I honestly think I could just watch this video when the dog bites, when the bee's sting, and when i'm feeling sad... And my spirits would instantly be uplifted. 

Since compiling this all together, i've also come to realize that there are a few things that seem a bit repetitive, and clearly, amongst my friend group we enjoy. 

1. Seeing live music shows
2. Goofing around in cars.
3. Love to sing, whether we are good at it or not hahah. 

There are so many people I love that didn't make it into this video... So if you are seeing it, don't feel left out if you didn't make it into it, I clearly just didn't shove a camera in your face during the time we spent together. 

All in all, looking back on this, I truly cannot complain about 2016. I know / I've heard it was a tough one for alot of people out there... I'm glad that I can't include myself in that though. But that being said, I am looking forward to 2017 being even better! 

Make sure to check out the YouTube Video, as well as the few snaps I included from throughout 2016 down below!