Under The High Wheel

I'll let you in on a BIG secret... I LOVE BRUNCH! 

I seem to be on a BIRTHDAY THROWBACK adventure here on the blog... But I am sifting through the things on my computer and realized that I hadn't posted alot of the outings from my birthday! 

You know how I said in my previous post that how without fail Suzy makes our birthday's awesome... Well, I have someone else who always makes sure my birthday is special.

And that's one of my good friends Mike. I actually ended up running into him at a restaurant ( great minds think alike ) on my actual birthday. And from there we made plans to go for brunch a few days later. 

Under the high wheel is one of my favourite brunch spots, and I totally always get the same thing ( I just love those waffles ). 

Check out the pic's below from some of our brunch date! Do you like savoury or sweet things for brunch/breakfast ?