Caitlin & Stephen

Woooowweeee. It has definitely been a minute. Life has been so so crazy. But this past weekend I got to reconnect with one of my friends, Caitlin. 

Caitlin and I met probably a good 6-7 years ago, when Caitlin responded to my roommate ad. Random, eh. That being said, we ended up becoming great friends and ... clubbing buddies haha. 

Some of the funnest nights out were with this girl, but I think i can speak for the  both of us... We defo aren't missing those days, but are so glad we experienced them to the fullest! 

Since then, Caitlin has moved down to Calgary and as I found myself there this weekend, we were definitely over due for a catch up !  I also got to meet her boyfriend Stephen and see the amazing dynamic between the two of them. And although I am NO photographer, or trying to be. I could not resist snapping a few pics of them whilst we were out and about! 

Check these beauties out! 

Nicole Serrao