Brooke Is 30!

Do you have a group of friends that are just... So cool?

Well, I sure do! I met Brooke back in high school... And although we never really established a friendship back then. When I started seeing her around church... And I knew we were somewhat in the same industry, it really helped making a friendship flourish! 

One of Brooke's best friends, is Christal... Whom I also went to high school with, and same thing.. Never really established a relationship in high school, ALSO went to the same church, so it has been really great expanding on our friendships. 

That being said, it is Brooke's big 3-0 this year... And in the coolest fashion ever, she hosted a 30th birthday brunch at her house, with the most amazing spread ever. We even had gluten free waffles! Talk about something for everyone! 

Check out the pics below, and try not to drool too much will ya ;)