I Think I May Have A New Addiction || Jo Malone

Jo Malone

I honestly started to squeal when I realized what my delivery today was consisting of. And although it was a total surprise... I knew who the culprit was ! 

If you follow me on Instagram, on November 4th, you would have seen me upload a pic with the cutest, and newest babe on the block. Baby Luca Martino <3. 

Well, his mom decided to bless me with the most wonderful surprise after the baby video that I had done for their family ! I think maybe she has seen me sniffing all of the Jo Malone scents in her house as well as her mothers house. 

... Needless to say I think they have passed the addiction along to me as well. This stuff smells AMAZING. I got to smell four different fragrances, as the candle came with three small testers, although one broke in transit, I was still able to grasp the amazing aroma ! And to be honest I think that will be my favourite scent of them all ( It's the Pomegranate Noir, if you are curious ). 

What is your favourite Jo Malone scent ?

Jo Malone 1
Jo Malone 2
Jo Malone 4
Jo Malone 5