Bristol Balloon Fiesta Date Night at The Ivy Clifton Brasserie

Well, well, well. Paul and I were a couple of lucky Ducks this past weekend as we were invited to visit The Ivy Clifton Brasserie. Believe it or not, this is one of the first few restaurants that I knew that I just NEEDED to visit when I got back to Bristol. In fact, it was one of the places I wanted to visit when I was here in February, however it was not in the cards for me at that moment in time. 

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Nicole Serrao
Date Night In Bristol

In my last post, i was talking about how i am learning to make the most of my time. And truthfully, i am trying to become more organised in my life, and in my business... So it can start freeing up some more time to do other things... Like go on a date night !

Between working a full time job, and blogging basically full time as well the time seems to be running away with me. And, what i am finding is - if i don't try to be intentional about having some ' fun ' time in... I just get ran down and kinda pissy if i am honest.

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Making The Most Of My Time

As of recently, there is something that I have been having to get a lot stricter with myself for. And even though this new strict habit starts with me, it’s a discipline and habit I am putting in to place because of others. 

As I begin to get more busy these days, I have really had to dial in and figure out what I am here for, what I am doing, and where I want to go. And truthfully, that is helping me dictate whom I give my time too. 

Now I know that we have to be careful whom we give out those precious bits of our lives to, I mean life is short, may as well not waste it doing things that won’t get us to where we want to go. Or with people whom we don’t really see a future with. But truthfully, there were a few moments over these past few weeks where my presence was being requested, and I was practically killing myself to try and make it work. 

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Come With Me To The Aura Mugler Event In Cardiff

Hello my beautiful people, 

I hope you've been well ! If you happen to follow me on instagram, or on youtube, you would have probably seen the footage and images from the most amazing event that i have ever been to ! 

I was so kindly asked to attend the Aura Mugler event in Cardiff, where they were launching the new EDT fragrance. They took us around the city center in the most lavish and decked out taxi cab ! 

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There Are Good Ships, and Wood ships...

Hope you are all doing well. A little bit of a different post for you today. 

Believe it or not, how this blog started... Well tbh it wasn't even this blog, it was on a different platform. 

But i was just wanting to create a place where i could talk about my experiences, and disect the interactions of life. 

And with that being said, i have to admit to you, and i think i actually already may have done so. But the most challenging part of this move, has got to be the fact that i have no community here. 

Of course it is great to have Paul, and of course i know this is something that will come in time, and of course this is something i knew was going to be ahead of me. 

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Nicole Serrao
More Than Just Pizza | Bosco

When your love for the ZA, and brunch come together. 

Believe it or not - Bosco was one of the first places that i had my eye on visiting when i got back into Bristol. If you were to look through the text history between Paul and I, you would see a screen shot of the venue in our messaging window ! It has been on my radar for that long now! 

But, as i am sure you are all aware - life sometimes gets the best of you, and the things that you are most wanting to do and see... are often the things that are pushed to the back. 

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Date Night Out : Cuban Edition

It feels like absolute ages that Paul and I have been on a date night - but with the said, summer is absolutely flying by. I cannot believe that we are now in AUGUST !

This past weekend, Paul and I got to visit a local restaurant called The Cuban - it has recently gone under new management and we have heard nothing but good things about it. 

The only regret I had was that we didn't go later in the evening so we could experience the live dancing and band !

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If You Know Me, You'll Know... #BlueIronHealth

I will never forget this one moment, when one of my very best friends, Kelsee came home to Edmonton from California ( she lives there now ). And she got into my car, and within a a few minutes she yelled out... 

" Dang girl, you still got the heat on like it's winter " - and truthfully, i think it was then i realised i had a serious problem!

Jokes aside, for as long as i can remember, i have always been cold - i even remember always wearing this one Adidas winter jacket in the house - and my aunts and grandmother would cringe when i wouldn't take it off. And i would always say to them i'm cold.

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Food Fit For A Hot Summers Day

If you live here in the UK, i have a bone to pick with you.... 

Because all i have heard - for like... EVER now, is how it rains ALLLLLL of the time. Yet here we are - everything is looking brown. Things are feeling dry. 

And it's only now as i write this blog post are we starting to see some rain up in this Bris ! 

That being said - i dunno if you are anything like me but, i absolutely CAN-NOT eat a heavy meal when it is hot out... That and i can't clean the house lol. 

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Bristol Harbour Festival x Smirnoff Cider Summer

I keep hearing how Bristol is known for all of it's festivals... And believe it or not, my home city is also known for the same thing. 

That being said, midway through summer - i am attending my first official festival here in Bristol. Unfortunately though - i wasn't feeling the best, but it was still good to experience some of it, better than Nunavut ( Canadian puns for the win ? ) 

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The Spirit of Aloha '65

The way we decided to drink our Aloha'65 on Sunday night, was blended with some watermelon and lemon. and it was seriously so refreshing ! The minute that Paul tasted it - he was like " i can taste fresh ginger in here !". And I immediately picked up on the hint of scotch bonnet in there ! I think I can chalk that up to having west Indian parents for my ability to detect that one. 

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Paul's 30th Birthday Re-Cap

Although it was Paul’s birthday a few weeks ago already now. I thought I would attach the IGTV vlog of the day on here - and as well break down to you the whole gift part of the video. Especially as I have had quite a few of you ask. 

Now although it was his birthday lol… I love to make gifts as thoughtful as possible. And I really think that there is a fine line between, giving something that’s practical, as well as something the person will have fun with !

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The Ultimate Cure For Neck Pain | Salter Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager

If you have been following me for a quick hot minute, you would have probably seen on my Instagram or even on a few posts here on my blog. That just this past April i was in a pretty bad car accident. 

And believe it or not, it still has not been resolved... In fact, the insurance company has only contacted me two measly times since I've left the country. 

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You Can Take The Girl Out Of Alberta.... | The Ashville

Coming from Canada’s cattle country, and the wide open range, the Rocky Mountains, the acres of Parkland, and fertile farmland of the rolling plains… You somewhat become a beef expert. 

Growing up in a province with over 18 000 beef cattle producers - what can I say… I love my beef. And I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little bit concerned on whether or not I was going to be able to find a good steak when I want one. 

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When Your Love Language Is Quality Time

One of the first things i remember talking to Paul about, was LOVE LANGUAGES. And i don't know if its just a group of people that have been let in on this secret book. But i felt like back in Canada, there wasn't one person i came across that had not heard of the book before. Seriously, if you haven't read it yet... pick it up, it will seriously change your life. And if you say you don't like reading ( one. I will make that my personal challenge to you for the rest of 2018, find a book and read it entirely ). But try getting an audio book, and put it on while you clean, or work out... It's a great way to get in to 'reading' again. 

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Midweek Outings In Clifton | Noto

With my busiest week yet here in Bristol, it was nice to get out for a quick bite to eat in Clifton earlier this week. 

I think the best part of me being a newcomer here is the fact that when i pick a restaurant to visit, it allows me to see different parts of the city, and what it has to offer. Which if otherwise, i wouldn't of visited. 

it is so easy to get yourself into a rut of visiting the same places, going to the same shops, etc. And what i have found is, when that happens, you typically don't really get to enjoy all the things that are at your finger tips. 

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