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Restful Night's ft. Simba Sleep

So when the opportunity came up with Simba, we leapt at the opportunity. 

Simba mattress’ are one mattress, with five layers of comfort. That is tailored to suit all. 

If you are unfamiliar with Simba, they only produce one mattress… because they are so confident that they know that it is the best.

Their cutting edge design has not just one layer of luxury, but five, each one of those layers designed by their experts. 

However, what I loved the most is - it is not just Simba’s word that is being given on this - but there has been extensive research done by the programme with The Sleep To Live Institute, involving more then 10 million people, measuring more than 180 million body profile data points. 

Here are the 5 layers that make up the mattress :

1. SLEEP SURFACE : Our own ‘breathe in breathe out’ hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface provides freshness and temperature control. 

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