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Takumi X Smashbox Christmas Party

This time, my friend Marilyne and I headed in to London for the Takumi Christmas party. They held it at the Smashbox studios… and they were doing make overs on everyone. They had people from glamglow - showing us how to use the products and how they will work on our skin. And had the best goody bags ever !

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The Truth About Working With Brands

As some of you may have noticed, ( although I am sure not many of you will care lol ), I have had the opportunity these last three months to work with quite a few brands now. And in this modern day and age of blogging, I have to admit – that I am feeling super privileged to have had such amazing opportunities. 

I find we often get a little bit awkward when talking about money – but let’s be real, being paid for doing what you love, is an amazing feeling. And, I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg for me in this career. 

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