The Negative Emotional Effects Of Being A Content Creator | Nicole Fiona Serrao

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It isn’t uncommon to hear about how using social media can bring on negative emotional effects.

And if I was being honest with you guys, I would say, I have never experienced that until this past year.

If I am being fully transparent with you guys... I feel like, often we must look at the individual using social media, and their habits before placing the blame on social media itself. Especially when we have seen people deal with some of these same certain issues over the years. I personally feel that human nature is human nature, and people will always find the need to “keep up with the jones’”, so it will forever be easy to fall into that comparison trap.

But with that, as a full time content creator there are a few things that I have noticed, in which I contribute to mental health struggles when this is your full time career.

1. You can never turn off, because you’re always having to stay on top of your ‘ A ‘ game.

Let’s play a game, shall we ? Basically let’s think about if you got a job... you worked there etc. Unless you start performing poorly at your job, no one will be looking to replace you. However as a content creator, there is no job security, and your income stream is always being threatened.

With that, you are always looking to put out the best content, and be on your best game... because you don’t know when what you are creating will become outdated or irrelevant.

This is why I think it is so important to truly love the content creation process, because you will forever be learning.

2. The comparison trap

I have spoken about this before, but it is so easy to be looking at what your fellow content creators are receiving... and think, “why not me ?

And unfortunately, sometimes you can try SO hard, and a brand or business still may pick someone else over you... and they may pick your friend.

I have personally been in situations where I have produced almost the exact same piece of content as someone else… And their content has been picked, and mine hasn’t.

It’s a brutal feeling, because sometimes it is just YOU that the business or brand isn’t feeling. And that’s a hard pill to swallow !

3. Sometimes you feel like you have been, or being taken advantage of.

At the current moment of when I started writing this post... I had no intention of giving this example, but this scenario happens so often, that it just happened to happen as I am writing this…

What has just happened is that a brand as agreed to pay me £286, and last minute they’ve changed that to £143 without me even agreeing to it.

Could you imagine if you went into work today, and your boss told you they were just going to pay you half of your wage ?

How would you cope with that ? Unfortunately as a content creator, you don’t have anyone to go to when these things happen. You do not have a HR department, there is no union to protect you…

So in situations like this, you are ultimately are left feeling like you have one of two options… 1. Accept the fee the brand is willing to pay you. Or 2. mention the issue, and potentially lose the work completely.

These things cause major anxiety and stress, which can then sends your emotions all over the place.

Furthermore, this week I have had a major brand try to guilt me into covering an event for them, as a way to “give back” to them.

In this particular case, I was more than ecstatic and willing to cover the event, as it was a campaign I was extremely proud to be a part of. In fact I had already agreed to attend the event on a certain date.

But with that, seeing how certain actions were being held over my head, almost felt as if I was being taken hostage and was being bullied into attending and covering the event.

Dealing with brands in this way leaves you feeling very vulnerable and that the rug can be pulled from beneath you at any moment in time.

Are you a content creator ? What are some of the mental and emotional challenges that you have come across ? When you come across these issues, how do you go about coping with them ?

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