A few months ago, my dear friend Leanne and i were in Bath, and she asked me if i had visited the restaurant at the Royal Crescent Hotel. And i told her i had not, it was at that moment she began to tell me all about how beautiful the setting is, and how divine the food tasted.

And truly, it was like visiting a secret garden ! Little did i know that i would be lucky enough to be invited back just a few short months later.

When the folks over at The Royal Crescent Hotel reached out to me, i obviously jumped at the opportunity to visit them again! And i was lucky that Leanne wanted to come and visit again with me.

The journey between Bristol & Bath is only about 11 minutes, so it is such a quick journey on the train. However this particular day there was about an hour hold up, which made us cut things very close timing wise. None the less, we got to the hotel, and were warmly received.

champagne royal crescent hotel and spa the dower house nicole fiona serrao lets eat with nicole

Upon arrival, our coats were taken and we were brought a glass of champagne and now it was finally time to relax.

I am not sure what type of champagne this was, but it was perfect ! As majority of us know, i am not a big drinker… so i can’t handle things that taste quite sharply of alcohol. But this was honestly perfect !

the royal crescent hotel and spa the dower room
Lock duarte salmon, native lobster, wye valley asparugus, lobster mayonaise royal crescent spa
royal crescent spa and hotel the dower room
duck liver spiked with pink peppercorn yorkshire rhubarb, smoked pigeon, ginger, gingerbread, royal crescent hotel

The Dower House is a 3AA rosette award winning Dower House Restaurant. The Dower House Restaurant overlooks the leafy and secluded gardens of the Royal Crescent Hotel.

Head Chef David Campbell and his team have used the freshest of locally sourced ingredients, combined with the best that the Continent has to offer, in order to deliver classic cuisine with a contemporary edge.

This was never more apparent then when we received our starters. I went for the Salmon - Lock Duarte Salmon, Native Lobster, Wye Valley Asparagus, Lobster Mayonnaise. And Leanne went for the Duck Liver - Duck Liver Spiked With Pink Peppercorn, Yorkshire Rhubarb, Smoked Pigeon, Ginger, & Gingerbread.

I think I can speak for the both of us when telling you it was DIVINE!

Although the portions are on the smaller side, the flavour is jam packed!

We also got a side of their bread, which honestly, is the best bread i have ever had! Growing up, my brother and I were not allowed to eat alot of bread, so with that… It is something that i am not fussed over typically., so when i tell you that this bread was amazing, fully trust me when i say that it was AMAZING!

a blonde in bristol royal crescent hotel lamb bbq rump, braised neck, wild garlic aioli, cucumber, caraway goat curd royal crescent hotel
nicole fiona serrao lets eat with nicole sea bass roasted sea bass, scallops, beet root, smoked eel, hay baked potato, smoked roe cream, horseradish royal crescent hotel and spa

On to our mains… I opted for the Sea Bass, which was Roasted Sea Bass, Scallops, Beetroot, Smoked Eel, Hay Baked Potato, Smoked Roe Cream, Horseradish.

And Lea went for the Lamb, which was Barbecued Rump, Braised Neck, Wild Garlic Aioli, Cucumber, Caraway Goat’s Curd.

Both of the dishes extremely flavourful, and we may have even opted for a second round of bread.

royal crescent hotel the dower room desserts and puddings nicole fiona serrao lets eat with nicole

It is well known that i am a major sweet tooth type of person, so dessert is always my favourite point in the evening.

I opted for a peanut parfait type of dessert, whilst Leanne went for and Elderberry dessert. I unfortunately did not grab the exact names of these dishes, as i was too busy trying them. But hopefully the few details i did give you has pointed you in the right direction.

And just like that, our evening came to an end. We laughed, we ate, and we made memories ! If you are looking for a unique experience and you are visiting Bath, i would highly recommend The Dower Room at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. The staff are ever attentive, and the food is so unique your tastebuds will be left buzzing.

Thank you so much for having us, we cannot wait to return !

peanut parfait royal crescent hotel bath nicole fiona serrao lets eat with nicole