Come To Castle Combe With Me

Nicole Fiona Serrao Castle Combe Bristol Blogger

You know when you see those photo’s on Instagram, and you are immediately like… “ I have GOT to visit there”. Yeah, that was Castle Combe for me. However, i don’t know if i have mentioned this here on the blog before… But Paul, isn’t the biggest fan of driving. And my Canadian driving license can be used here in England, but only on automatic cars. And yep, you guessed it, Paul’s car is manual.

So with that said, there are a lot of these little hidden gems, that i haven’t visited as of yet ! But today was the day that i got to go visit Castle Combe.

In England, things tend to not be that far apart, but to local’s they may differ with that statement. But this was just a quick 35 minutes away from my home.

I was lucky enough to go with my photographer, Kayleigh, who has become more of a friend than anything else.

Once we got to Castle Combe, although it is so picturesque… The thing that i think was missing in all of those iconic Insta photo’s, was a caption relaying to people ACTUALLY HOW SMALL IT IS !

You literally can walk from one end to the other in less than 10 minutes. None the less, it was still super cute to see.

Another thing that these insta photo’s don’t tell you, is that most places take cash. It’s hard to tell which business are open for you to come in and take a peak, and those that aren’t. As well as O2 ( and other phone companies ) don’t work there. So you cannot even google to see what business’ are there and if they are welcome to visitors coming in.

We did head up to the golf course, and it was such a nice view. There was actually a wedding rehearsal going on, which was such a cute site to see as well.

Have you been to Castle Combe, what were your thoughts on it ? Did it live up to your expectation ?

Nicole Fiona Serrao Castle Combe Bath Blogger