Wisteria Histeria In Bath Royal Crescent

nicole fiona serrao bath blogger bath royal crescent

Last year when i had first moved over to Bristol, i think i was a bit on sensory overload. I was in a new city, with no friends other then Paul lol, and we both were working full time. So getting out to explore was quite difficult.

And one of the things that i kept loving seeing on instagram, was all of the wisteria ! It is seriously so pretty, and i am sure we have Wisteria in Canada, but definitely not like this. At least not in Alberta.

When you come from somewhere where it is winter 9 months out of the year, you get seriously blown away from the most simple of things. And for me, the blooming season is one of them. The smell of this Wisteria was SO unreal, i wish i could just bottle it and take it home with me.

What are some other insanely gorgeous blooming plants that i should keep my eye out for here in England ?

nicole fiona serrao bath royal crescent  bath blogger