Valentine's Day At Home

Interracial Valentines Day Couple Ideas

Hey guys, 

I hope you all have been well. This is the first year that I have been with Paul on actual valentines day. 

Last year I was still in Canada, however I did make a cute little video of some of our moments together, and sent it off to Paul for valentines day. If you want to watch that, you can do that here

Anyways, this year - although I was in the same country as Paul, he ended up having to work on the evening, so we were unable to go and do something together. 

I know some people do not like Valentines Day, as they feel that you should make every day Valentines day. But, for me - I think its a nice day to have a little reminder to cherish your loved one. 

It’s not so much about the gifts, but about the time that you can spend with one another. 

So when Paul came home from work we had an at home movie night. But not just any at home movie night - but a movie night with a popcorn and root beer bar. With an ice-cream sundae station to boot ! 

What ways do you like spending Valentines day ? Or do you not celebrate it at all ?

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