Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of the wedding chat yet, but i thought i would come and write out a quick little blog post explaining some of the reasons why we have chosen to elope.

Now i have to be honest with you guys, Paul and I have always decided on eloping… It was actually one of the first things we discussed. Although the both of us have quite large personalities, as per a wedding i think it was important to both of us to keep it quite intimate, and quite small.

Although some of the proceedings didn’t go exactly how we thought it was going to - the day was still kept quite intimate and quite small.

Continue reading below to find out some of the reasons we chose to elope.

Cost - I think this one is a no brainer. As most people whom have got married know, the minute that you say something is for a wedding, is the minute that the price sky rockets. And with the average price of a wedding being more then a down payment on a house - it was not something either of us thought was the best way of spending our money.

Limited amount of time - Let’s be real, neither of us are spring chicken, and are getting on in our years. And although there is still plenty of life ahead of us… For people who are wanting to start a family, time is definitely ticking. And with that, the time needed to plan a traditional wedding was not something that either of us wanted to dedicate time too.

A big wedding just didn’t feel like ‘us’ - Not only did it not feel like us, but when you are from two different places that are quite far apart, where do you have the wedding ? If we had the wedding in England, a limited number of my family and friends could attend. And if we had the wedding in Canada, a limited amount of his family and friends could attend. So with that, choosing somewhere different to either of our home countries felt like the best fit.

Eloping meant we could focus on the things that mean alot to us - Preparing for a family, and getting the house renovated is at the top of the priority list. So therefore we picked a wedding / elopement that fit in with our other financial goals.

You don’t want to deal with others opinions - although this one didn’t really go according to plan. I think there will always be opinions to a certain extent. I do think we had LESS opinions to deal with due to the fact that we were eloping.

Family Dynamics - When there are blended and divorced families, i think this always becomes a bit tricky. Personally, i have so many different dynamics with my various family members. Having nuptials that suited everyone seemed so stressful, and i do not think i would have been able to relax on the day as there would have been so many different personalities to please under one roof.

Distance - As previously touched on, where do you decide to have a wedding without feeling like you’re giving on persons family preferential treatment. I feel like most expats will truly understand the validity of this point !

You’re not a planner - I am a planner in almost every sense of the word in my every day… I did not have the energy to then plan a wedding. I am sure this is where some people are more then happy to take on the costs of a wedding planner. However for us, we thought it would be best that we allocate that money elsewhere.

Saving our sanity - Neither of us are people who really care to be worked up over the finer details of things. To be honest, the flowers that we had for our ceremony were not what we had initially hoped for. However we were so happy with our Italian florist provider to help us out in the pickle that we were in. With that, it was so nice to not be so caught up with the minor details, and it truly allowed us to enjoy ourselves, and the day.

No worries about bridal party or guest list - That awkward moment when you have to pick your bridal party, who is the MOH, who is the Best Man. Who gives you away… none of these decisions have to made if you choose to elope privately - which came as a relief for us.

No pressure for anything going wrong -
When you have little to no people to worry about… there is no pressure of anything going wrong. Lola’s flower fell off her flower crown. I could barely sit in my dress. Paul struggled to get his vest on… But there was literally no pressure because it was just us.

You can actually spend the day together -
This has got to be my favourite part. For us, the marriage was something sacred, and about the two of us. That it was amazing to spend the day with one another, and not feel like it went by in a blur and we didn’t get to speak to one another.

Did you elope ? What was your reasonings of doing so ? And would you do so again if you had to do it all over again ?