Spending Our First Christmas Together


Hey Guys,

Here we are.. back at the Christmas market again. Although i may be Christmas marketed out… this is actually the first time i am headed here with Paul.

There are caroler’s and a band… There is a curling rink… and all of a sudden i feel like i am at home. HAHA.

Well not quite.

Although I think i am still a bit home sick at this time of year - i am super stoked to enjoy the season here with Paul. If you are new around these parts - here is a quick synopsis of our story.

… I wanted to move here about 5 years ago.
I came here on a solo trip.
We met. Liked each other.
I moved here 6 months later.

… So although i am feeling the homesickness - i am excited to be spending it with my best friend.

** Cue the ‘aweees’ ** - and if you know me, you know this is as mushy as i get.