Time To Explore | Clevedon Pier

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Hey Guys !

Now that it is a month into the new year - i’ve realigned my goals, i have set my focus, and i am ready to go.

And one of the things that i was most excited for when i moved here to the UK is to TRAVEL more. But truthfully, this last year has been such a whirlwind, i didn’t really get too much of that done !

That being said, as much as i am looking forward to travelling abroad more. And at the time of me writing this, i am going to be leaving for Scotland the next day… I truthfully haven’t seen that much of the UK yet. And not even much of my local watering holes.

Thankfully, two of my lovely friends packed me up in the car, and took me out to finally see Clevedon, and the notorious pier. Although when we went it wasn’t the warmest - it definitely has me longing to visit again in the warmer months.

Do you live in Bristol or surrounding area’s ? What areas are some must see’s ?

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