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Hey Guys,

One of my friends from Canada was visiting recently - and the minute she told me that she was going to fly into Bristol from Cyprus. I knew i had to take her to this Sweet Little Thing, in Bath.

This cafe was basically her spirit put in brick form - and i had yet to visit yet. So off we went.

If you are new around these parts - you may not know that I am absolutely obsessed with Bath. And take any opportunity to get there. But, i think i love Bath the most because it’s so small, and therefore very easy to navigate.

You won’t have any problems finding this little gem.

SLT bath
slt bath cupcakes
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Aesthetics aside - we showed up at this little cafe in Bath not too long before they closed. But they were SO accommodating. Even though we weren’t hungry, we decided to still get a couple of small sandwiches, tea and of course cupcakes.

The only thing we left a little sad about - was that there newly renovated basement ( with floral swing ) was not open yet.

Have you visited this little cafe yet ? What other places should we make sure that we see in Bath ?

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