How To Make My Dad's Christmas Ham


Hi Guys,

Remember a few posts back i had told you guys i was feeling a bit homesick… And i did’t think that i really felt that, ‘ Christmas-y’ here.

Well i thought i would take the bull by its horns… or however that saying goes., and try and rectify those feelings.

I don’t know if it will help - but here is to trying !

I think one of the reasons of why i am not really feeling like i am getting into the Christmas mood… is the house just does not SMELL like Christmas.

And as bizarre as that sounds - smell plays a huge role on memory, and your sense.

So, i thought i would make a trial Christmas ham - and see if that sparks the Christmas feeling and the nostalgia.

My dad makes a pretty simple ham at Christmas - but it is always a family and fan favourite.

Here is what goes into it :

- Ham Joint
- Orange Juice
- Cloves
- Honey

Cook time will depend based off of the size of your ham. But basically you add all the cloves into your ham. The add some orange juice so the first 1/4 of the ham is covered. And then add honey on top.

We cooked ours for about 2 hours and it turned out perfect.

What are some of your favourite Christmas foods ?