Visiting London Coffee Shops


Hey Guys,

I think it is pretty safe to say, that if there is a chance that you are reading this blog. There is a chance that you have instagram. And somewhere along the time that you have been on that app.

… You have seen some blogger - and some kind of London Cafe. And believe it or not - but this is the first time i am visiting one of those ‘highly instagrammable’ hot spots.

I have always been of the nature that - at some point… my plans will make me cross such destinations. So when i am in an area / in London - i kind of just let the crowd take me wherever.

Today as Marilyne and I were back in London - she recommended the cafe Saint Aymes. And i will be honest haha it was a little underwhelming.

I think what we forget / don’t realise…. Is that often when we are seeing those pictures on instagram… they have been edited beyond an inch of their life. So when you get to the venue / establishment… it often looks different from what you THOUGHT it looked like.

None the less, the time out in London town with my girl was enjoyed ! However i do not think that my bank card liked me much after paying for this rdiculously over priced latte.

Has there been a time where you have been majorly duped before ?