Shake It Like A Corkcicle Mixer


Hey Guys,

Hope the Festive season is treating you well.

Truthfully, i thought i would be ALOT busier then what i am - and i am not saying that like it is a bad thing.
I thought that this season would have me bogged down with campaigns - i thought i wouldn’t be able to handle the work load.

When truthfully the only thing that is holding me back is the terrible internet connection that we have in the house.

… here’s to hoping that we can resolve that in 2019 !

However, tonight we thought we would just have a special night in - just the two of us ( not like there is anyone else here anyways haha ). And though we would test out this new mixer and cups from Corkcicle.

As we are just starting to furnish our home - a mixer is something we definitely didn’t have - and something tells me that the cups are going to make our lives so much happier once January comes around and we are consuming a ton of smoothies.

These Corckicle items are perfect if you are wanting to keep a drink hot or cold. And the mugs even come with a lid - how sweet is that !

What nifty gadgets and bits and bobs have you recently gotten that has made your life that much easier / better ?