There Are Good Ships, and Wood ships...

There are good ships, and there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are friendships, and may they always be. 
— unknown
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Hey Guys !

Hope you are all doing well. A little bit of a different post for you today. 

Believe it or not, how this blog started... Well tbh it wasn't even this blog, it was on a different platform. 

But i was just wanting to create a place where i could talk about my experiences, and disect the interactions of life. 

And with that being said, i have to admit to you, and i think i actually already may have done so. But the most challenging part of this move, has got to be the fact that i have no community here. 

Of course it is great to have Paul, and of course i know this is something that will come in time, and of course this is something i knew was going to be ahead of me. 

But what i do not think i had prepared for, was the amount of support i was still going to recieve form those back home and beyond. I truly would not be able to be living the life that i am living without the helo of others. 

If you have been following my journey on social media - you would know it has been alot of ups and downs lately. Especially when it comes to my dogs, and the renters whom are in my house in Canada. 

The amount of friends and family that have come to help me dealing with this, i was so grateful for ! The people that stepped up to the plate weren't necessarily the people that were in my life every day, but the willingness to help me out was such a testament to the fact that i do have people out there that are in my corner, and for me. 

With that said, as i am over here on my own, it really has made me evaluate some friendships ./ relationships... and with that - it has left me with such a sense of gratitude. 

And i know that i can't replace these relationships over here, if ever at all. 
(PS. I did listen to the radest podcast from the boys over at The Art of Charm today, talking all about relationships and friendships, listen to it here. ) 

In this podcast they touch on a small, but great point... that all friendships start off as acquaintances... and with that - i thought i would share a quick video with you of an outing i went on with my new friend Abi a few months ago. We took a quick bus tour around Bristol city, and had . quick bite to eat. Since then i've actually hung out with a fair few of the other Bristol bloggers - and slowly but surely i am getting connected with more people. 

I'll end this post with this, if we've crossed path's know that i cherish that and value knowing you.

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