Paul's 30th Birthday Re-Cap

5 senses gift giving

Hey Guys ! 

Although it was Paul’s birthday a few weeks ago already now. I thought I would attach the IGTV vlog of the day on here - and as well break down to you the whole gift part of the video. Especially as I have had quite a few of you ask. 

Now although it was his birthday lol… I love to make gifts as thoughtful as possible. And I really think that there is a fine line between, giving something that’s practical, as well as something the person will have fun with !

So, as I was browsing through the men’s gifts category on Pinterest, you know - that app that makes all of your DIY & gift giving dreams come to life. ( ps. You can follow me on there by clicking here ). I kept on stumbling across a particular gift combination that I really thought could be fun - as well as really thought out. 

Basically, its where you give a gift for the five senses. 

I think I love this idea because you can make it a small or as grand as you want ! Truly you can sent a budget just for you and get creative with the 5 different gifts. And it really does make the person feel as though you have put a lot of time and effort into the gift. 

Although I’ve attached the Vlog, I will break down what I got : 

SIGHT : A framed picture of us
SMELL : A body wash from Jo Malone
TASTE : A Reeses Pieces chocolate cake
TOUCH : A few items of clothing from BooHoo
SOUND : A Record player

I think this is something I may adapt into our gift giving every year- or at least until it gets old. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think he had a lot of fun receiving it lol. 

What is the most unique thing you have done when giving a gift ? 


5 senses gifts for guys