3 Ways To Nail That Interview + How To Get A Job in 7 Days




If you’re like me, there is only few things more frightening… than an interview. I don’t know what it is, I just find that I typically do not excel at them, at all.

That… and tests / exams, which essentially an interview is kind of like a test you are trying to pass.

Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I find I turn to more entrepreneurial roles. That being said, obviously once I moved, I knew that I would need to find a job, and need to find a job, stat !

Although I was open to a various amount of positions, as I have quite the varied previous experience… there was a few things that I was more so wanting than others.

I was wanting something that was office based, something that was going to give me consistent hours. A position that had a clear and established schedule. A position that was customer service based, but not necessarily customer reliant.

Frankly, although I knew I NEEDED a job, but,  I did not want to be in a position that I was in when I was in Canada. Being a beautician requires you to be almost on call, and ready when your clients need to book in with you, or they tend to go else where…

And working in management in a store can often have you working all your evenings and weekends, again, I knew I needed a job ASAP as I got here… However, I really wanted to be strategic and smart about the type of position I found myself in.

Due to that, I found that there were a few key things that I had done during this job search which in turn landed me successful within a week of being in the country, only the 3rd interview I had attended. And not only that, it landed me in not the role I applied for, but two roles higher for a position that I never even applied on. As well as had my interviewers chasing me as i was getting on to the elevator, to offer me a position with them. I may have sneakily mentioned that I was on my way to another interview, and they just couldn't risk losing me. 


I mean look at this view...

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But don't worry, of course I am going to share with you what I did to prep for all of this. 

1. First and foremost, I knew what I was looking for.

As I have already previously gone over… I really, I mean REALLY knew what it looked like, when I pictured myself working over here. Although I didn’t necessarily know what role I was going to take on, and in what type of environment that was going to be in. I definitely knew what my lifestyle would look like.

It is truly crazy how you can find exactly what you are looking for, If you can at first even determine what it even is… that you are looking for. 

For me, when trying to determine what it exactly is, that I am looking for. I try to look back and see what I DIDN’T like in my situation before.

Remember, you never know more of what you do want, until you’ve seen what you don’t want.

That through all those evening’s and weekends I’ve worked in the past. Or all those long days working on clients… Those instances really showed me, that that wasn’t what I wanted for my future here in England.

This makes me so excited to tell you, that the role that I have found myself in is only 4 days a week. Only two Saturdays a month, no Sundays, ever ! PTL! And, I’ll at least once a month find myself with a row of 5 consecutive days off.

Remember when I said in previous posts, or if I had talked to you personally about my want for my life over here… And how I really wanted to go travelling and see more of Europe...?

Well, I can now use those 5 days off to go travelling, to close destinations around Europe, and that’s not even factoring in my 28 days of vacation time !

Without digressing too much, me knowing that first and foremost there was a LIFESTYLE REQUIREMENT I was looking for… really helped me determine what type of JOBS, and ROLES, in which I needed to be applying for.

2. LESBEHONEST: Know Your Strengths !

Now, some of you reading this may laugh ( especially if you are my family, cause you DEFINITELY KNOW… I wasn’t always like this ), but over the years… especially as I have struggled with an anxiety disorder, I have become the most meticulous, analytical, preplanned, organised person ever.

And although I can practically hear my mom saying, “ if your head was not attached to you, you would lose it”. Long gone are those days.

Although I have previous office experience, this is a environment I have not worked in… In a long time, as my most previous experience was in Management, in a women’s fashion store environment, and as a beautician. That being said, I knew that I had acquired some top notch organisational skills, that could be transferred from previous office experiential roles.

I won’t further bore you with what I think I excel at, or what I think needs to be worked on. But when you have found WHAT it is that you are looking for, I think from there, the next best thing, is for you to sit back, and take a tally of your STRENGTHS, and your WEAKNESS’ and see how they can apply to the role in which you are applying for.

In this particular situation, for me, I knew that I had strengths to be organised, however I knew my weakness’ was in an area of negativity.

Personally, I need to be in a role that isn’t depressing or, 'heavy'… I did have an interview for another job that was dealing with people that had been hurt on vacation or in fact even died on their vacations, and I would be handling their claims or retrieval of the body etc.

Although I went for the interview, and knew as per a capability stand point that I would be able to DO this particular job… I knew I would not EXCEL at this job as I would soon find myself unhappy and depressed in this sort of role.

So, I’ll say it again, know your strengths, but also know your weakness’, and then be honest with yourself ! It’s so easy to be ‘desperate’ for a job, and then you apply for something that totally isn’t suited for you, and then you’re back at the beginning again… looking for another job.

3. My final point, but let’s go over the first two, as this post has turned out being way longer than expected.

 -  Know what you are looking for
 -  Know your strengths

… Finally, DO YOUR RESEARCH ! I can’t tell you how many times I have found people are going for an interview, and they have no idea as per what the company does, or the company history or background.

I have to admit, in my younger years, I was totally guilty of this too.

But I find, when you do your research, and find out more as per the role that you are applying for, or that you are interested in.

It helps you apply on more applicable jobs to you, and your situation, and your previous experience.

… And it also helps your narrow down if it is even a role that you would want to find yourself in.

For me… When doing this, it really gets me excited as per the position, because I will see if I am a really good fit for the position, or if I should maybe start looking elsewhere.

I find when I’ve done my research, know what I want… know how my personal skills will help me excel in this role, it gets me so excited, and ESSENTIALLY… confident that when I go into the interview, I end up nailing it, because I have already convinced myself, never mind the interviewer of my competency for the role, and I find this to be the final factor that comes into play when going to an interview and securing a position.

Getting a job so quickly after getting into England, really took a ton of the load off, I am now able to plan when my dogs get here… Start planning for treatment from my car accident back in Canada ( long story, I’m gonna save that for another post ) and let’s be real. Most of us need a job, and so much stress is taken off when you have one.

Let me know if you have found these points useful, or if you think that there is anymore to add !

TTYS, Nic. 


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