Surviving My First Bank Holiday Weekend In Bristol

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With the jet leg breathing down my neck, the Bristol weather not being the greatest, i've managed to get one week down ! And it couldn't be a better time for a long weekend to be upon us. 

Now that I am permanently residing in Bristol, there are a few things that i am needing to switch over... One being, terminology. Now, although I am a Canadian through and through... As long as I am here in the UK, I think certain terms I will have to learn to accept that they are just phrased differently here. 

In this particular instance, 'bank holidays'. In Canada, we would just refer to it as a 'long weekend'. But hey ho, i'm adapting.

However, this past bank holiday weekend was apparently more than abnormal, and i should not get the impression that this is Bristol. But the temperatures were soaring !

Although, I am still not familiar with many cafes in Bristol, or even many bars in Bristol - it was still sure nice to get plenty of walking time in my particular area(s) of Bristol to get myself better acquainted. 

We managed to get out for a nice breakfast with some friends, hang out with some family, i even got to attend my first car boot sale. But most importantly, we tried to stay cool, eat light, and just enjoy the time in the soon. 

When you visit Bristol, what is some of your favourite spots to visit ? 


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