What's Up Next For Me ?


Hey Guys !

I feel like i have left some of you with even more questions then i was supposed to after my last blog post.

Mainly family, let’s be real. But i thought i would put the pen to the paper and tell you some of my plans.

As much as i love blogging / influencer type work… That has never been my main focus. For me, the thing that has kept me the happiest, and that i feel the most challenged by… is creating.

I think that is why i liked doing hair so much … it was that creative aspect.

I think it is why i excelled at art in school.

I also think it is the reason behind why english was my best class.. the art of imagining and the art of creating.

So that being said, although being an online influencer / blogger does pay, and it does pay well.
I am not naiive to the fact that it would be safer to have something else on the go.

But that being said, i do not want to divert away from what i am excelling at, and my niche / industry.

So, here is the meat and potatoes.

One of the reasons i have flourished how i have in this industry, is the fact that i am able to take pictures and i am able to take video. Video more so, being the thing that i am still grasping… it is the thing that i like doing the most.

Some of you at home reading this may remember when i would film people’s weddings. Or when i first started putting up one minute clips on my instagram.

I have really sat back and refined what is it that i am liking the most, and what is it that is helping me make the most money. And truthfully, it is boiling down to my content creation, not just the fact that i have an online audience.

So… that is where i am going to leave things at the moment.

In a nutshell, i will be creating content for other business’ and brands. Not from a influencer stand point, but a photographer / videographer / content strategist stand point….

Vague, i know. lol

But i cannot wait to tell you guys more soon !

xo Nic

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