Making Fudge With My Aunt

... If i have ever shared this with you... You know i love you. 

Seriously, I will guard this fudge with my life ! Be warned. 

Jokes aside, you know those moments in life, where you are like " where has the time gone ? ". Well, that's kinda how I have been feeling lately. 

It honestly feels as though it was just yesterday that I was a teenager, and now next thing you know it... I'm 30, and all of my family is too aging with me, and or moving away. 

So, be it that i'm starting to notice a small trend of people in my family jumping around to other continents  ( * COUGH COUGH * BRITTANY, AUNTIE LURLINE and PAUL ).  This has R E A L L Y been on my heart to take on these little video blogs as a project, and start documenting some of our family recipes, as well as the hilarious ( or at least hilarious moment's to our family ), and whatever other little idea's that may come to mind during all of this. 



One thing i've learned in life is ... Life, It's freaking short, and what i would do to have more video footage of some of my loved ones that have already passed on. I would have LOVED to have done this with them, I would LOVE to hear their voice again, I would LOVE to hear their little anecdotes, analogies, and humour... So, i figured - I'm not going to make that mistake again moving forward. 

... Nevermind the fact, i'm getting to make some of my all time favourite dishes, or dishes that i will love to pass on to my family one day, and maybe not be so much of a Canadian kid in the kitchen, and be able to pass on SOME of my heritage and cultural foods ! 

So, without waffling on TOOOO much, i've posted a video of me and my Auntie Donna making her infamous fudge. I say that it is me and my Auntie Donna making this fudge, when in reality it was a team effort. But, I do have to give her all the credit, as it is HER recipe ! 

Let me know if you took a look at the video - and tell me what your favourite type of sweet treat is ! 

Nic xx