So, You Want To Be An Online Influencer.

So... You have been thinking about this whole blogging thing, or maybe it is YouTube that you have got on your mind. 

Even if it something else, well... I truly think in the day and age that we live in, the world is actually your oyster. With new ways to 'make' it in the online world these days -- I don't think anything really seems outlandish, or anything is out of reach. 

For me, I just wish I actually got started, and remained consistent with things when I first started my first YouTube channel over 10 years ago ( yep, I said that right... There's 457 private videos stored away on there ). 

That being said, I have had the whole digital, online, influencer... thing on my brain for a LONG time now, and I have learned a thing or two about it. And with the mounds of people that message me on a consistent basis on 'how', 'why' and 'what' i did to gain the tiny bit of 'success' that I have had thus far -  on one hand, it is super irritating - because I think people should learn how to serve others before asking for something ( Check out Lewis Howes podcast - The School Of Greatness -- He touches on this ALL the time ). 

But on the other hand... I know how much I've benefitted by learning from other blogs, youtube channels and books. So I thought I would share a little bit. 

Here are a few things that I believe to be beneficial when wanting to start your online brand. 

1. Pinterest is full of hidden gems

When trying to learn about how to build your online brand ( youtube, blog, instagram etc) -- learn to utilize pinterest, it is seriously an online library filled with posts on how to get started, and how to learn technical skills that will really give you an edge on things when it comes to putting your content out there into the sea that we call the internet. 

2. Find a Facebook group

Tons of the bloggers that put their content on Pinterest will put their private facebook groups in their articles where they have communities that will help spread the wealth of knowledge on how to get started and what tips and tricks they are currently using to gain their internet stardom. Key is... Finding a group that is applicable to you and your niche. 

3. Know your niche

Establishing early on what niche it is that you are wanting to plug yourself into is SUPER key, as you are able to then create an AVATAR and really be able to talk to YOUR reader, or speak to YOUR audience. 

4. Find a success partner

Finding people that you can jive with is so key. This has been one of the hardest elements for me, BUT what i've realized is, is that your success partner, doesn't have to be near. I've totally connected with some ladies in my facebook groups and we help each other out from a far sharing our tips and tricks. Even though you may not have a blogger bestie locally to share ideas with, doesn't mean you can't have one from a far that you can't bounce ideas off of. 

5. Podcasts are SO underrated

With every day that passes, I hear about another podcast, and not only another podcast, but another podcast that is in the online influencer industry space, or entrepreneurial start ups space. I have a job where I can plug in my headphones and work away whilst listening to a podcast, i feel like I get a double return on my time. 

Hearing podcasts that are interviewing some of the top people in the industry gives you such an inside look at HOW to do things, and if you are like me - hearing audio is alot of a better way to learn than just solely relying on reading. 

6. Quality is key. 

I'm not going to drag this out any longer than it needs to but bluntly, if you are a fashion blogger, your pictures need to be top notch. If you are a travel blogger your pictures need to be top notch. If you are a food blogger, your pictures need to be top notch. 

... Do I need to continue ?? 

Be it that things online need to be seen, they have to be aesthetically pleasing. Try and get a good quality camera, try and learn how to edit, and try and find your editing style. 

Hopefully for those of you who are reaching out - this can point you into the right direction to do the work that is needed to get you to your goals ! 

But i'm curious, what type of online influencer are you interested in being ? YouTuber ? Blogger ? Instagram Model ? 

Leave it in the comment section down below for me.