Double The Winning

Another weekend, another gal pal date with my friend Victoria ! This past week we decided to hit up Cafe Linnea ! Which was super convenient because we were ALSO wanting to hit up the new popular hot spot for DOUGHNUTS !!

Seriously, if you haven't checked out Doughnut party just yet, you absolutely have to !! 

We actually didn't know that the two places were SO close to one another, so it was such a pleasant surprise!! 

Cafe Linnea has been somewhere on my radar for the past few months now, since my friend LIz recommended it to me. In fact, I was going to spend part of my birthday celebrations there, as they had a Cinderella High Tea, with a Orchestra there, but unfortunately the time just didn't work out. 

Anyways, needless to say it was definitely worth the wait! The menu is SO unique -- But, Victoria and I couldn't help but eye up everyone around us' choices. And I feel like we made the best selections. 

The service was impeccable - I just love when my server has some personality and spunk to them. Along side the fact, the food, was, INCREDIBLE. It must have something to do with the ingridients being picked local, and super fresh! 

Victoria had the chicken pot pie, and I had the warm winter salad, ( which i am still craving ) and Dippy eggs and soldiers ( talk about taking me back to my childhood with my British uncle ). I also had the most devine London Fog, the foam on top had me feeling like I was dancing in the clouds. It was SO tasty!! 

I think this week, Victoria and I are gonna take it down a notch and hit up somewhere super chill on Whyte Avenue. Edmontonians ! Do you have any suggestions for us ?!

Nic x.