Ice Ice Baby


Is this not the coolest thing you ever did see ?! This is the second year that my home town of Edmonton, Alberta has hosted this pretty amazing Ice Castle in Hawrelak park. 

Last year I went to capture some footage of some friends, and this year, I was lucky enough to be the one in front of the camera with my good friend Nicole. 

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post, because I totally vlogged the experience as well! 

This frozen fortress is not like anything we have seen here in Edmonton, up until last year that is. And honestly, this attraction has people lined up to experience this nostalgic feeling of Narnia. It truly feels magical once you are inside. 

There are fun slides to go down, fire to keep you warm, music, a water fountain... It's crazy to see the amount of effort that goes in to it all !

Sprinkler lines are laid down to make icicles, and the structure continues to change as they build the castle. This year, the castle was even bigger and better than last year ! 

Here's to hoping that we get to see this attraction event next year again... And maybe with some hot chocolate and bailey's and some s'mores.