Isn't She Lovely ?

Welcome to the world baby girl!

You know what is the COOLEST thing .... Seeing your friends turn into the most awesome parents ! Some of my favourite people in the world just welcomed their third babe into the world recently and invited me to capture some of the moments. 

Poom and I met over ten years ago when we both worked at the Workers Compensation Board. ( Dang.. that totally dates us ). Anyways... Many things have happened since those wild wild days. 

But I am so glad that we have found the time to reconnect over these past couple of months. 

One of the things that Poom and I are champs at... and was basically a tradition every time we would get together... and that would be eat our faces off lol. 

I had recently tried out a new pizza joint here in Edmonton called LovePizza and i am utterly obsessed with it! The combinations that they have are so unique, but so complimentary. So naturally I had to pick some up for us to enjoy!! 

Baby Livia is the cutest little thing! And I was so glad that i could catch her when she was awake! Babies are actually like ... So crazy, they're so small, but their eyes are filled with such wonder, as cheesey as that sounds!! 

And can I talk about how cute Layla is as a big sister... Seeing her love, adoration, and do I dare say OBSESSION with her new little sister, is absolutely the cutest !! 

Last but not least, i thought I would include the video for you guys to see / watch / hear. It definitely pulls at the heart strings hearing them read the book out loud! 

Have you read the book "I'll Love You Forever" ? Is it as much of classic for you ?