Birthday Throwback

Not the best pictures... But, its the memories and the moments that count, right ? 

There are only a few days a year I get together with both of my brothers ( that's a story I don't know if I am ready to go into just yet ). 

But, if you didn't know... I have two brothers, 1 is 5... And the other one is 25. Quite the age difference, I know! That being said, Brandon's mom, Suzy always makes it a point to make our birthday's into something special. 

This year I opted to go to Boston Pizza for my birthday... Canadian Classic, haha but - one of Brandon's favourite places to go.. So why the heck not! In fact that actually have added quite a few delicious options to the menu ( shout out to that goat cheese flat bread). 

None of this stuff was #21DayFixApproved, and totally threw a wrench in my diet, but hey... Birthday's only come once a year right ;) 



Nicole Serrao