The Negative Emotional Effects Of Being A Content Creator | Nicole Fiona Serrao

If I am being fully transparent with you guys... I feel like, often we must look at the individual using social media, and their habits before placing the blame on social media itself. Especially when we have seen people deal with some of these same certain issues over the years. I personally feel that human nature is human nature, and people will always find the need to “keep up with the jones’”, so it will forever be easy to fall into that comparison trap.

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When the folks over at The Royal Crescent Hotel reached out to me, i obviously jumped at the opportunity to visit them again! And i was lucky that Leanne wanted to come and visit again with me.

The journey between Bristol & Bath is only about 11 minutes, so it is such a quick journey on the train. However this particular day there was about an hour hold up, which made us cut things very close timing wise. None the less, we got to the hotel, and were warmly received.

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Celebrating The Bristol Balloon Fiesta With The Ivy Clifton Brasserie

If you remember, last year, we were lucky enough to be invited in to The Ivy Clifton Brasserie to celebrate the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. And this year, we were so lucky to be invited back again ! Talk about spoiled !

This year they are celebrating in style, with the beautiful Balloon installation, in which you can even see from the outside. However this year the Ivy is also celebrating with their bespoke ‘Aviation Cocktail’!

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