The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Shakeology In Your Cup

The Best $4.33 / day I could find... See this stuff right here, it is seriously my ride or die. I mean... It even came into my life with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I have been drinking Shakeology fairly consistently for over two years now, and although a lot of you guys reading this are probably going to wonder why, and why for so long... Let me tell you why !

Three years ago, I started having some MAJOR back pains... To the point where I was unable to stand up straight. In fact, I actually had to go off on Medical leave, because I truly could not walk.

Well, for most people... They need to be able to walk... But when your job consists of standing all day... You are literally hooped. 

I recovered and was seemingly healthy for the next few months, until i started to have the major locking issues, as well as pain. And at that point after going for a few MRI's I found out I had Osteo Arthritis in my SI joints, as well as my lower back. 

From here, this is where I realized I obviously needed to start taking better care of myself. I started to learn a little bit more about our food systems and nutrition... And learned that we really do not get that much nutrition from the food that we pick up at the grocery store. 

It is often picked way to young, and is GMO, and then sits in transit / at the grocery store for almost up to a month before you actually eat it... And its losing nutritional value from the minute it is picked. 

I started hearing how Shakeology had so many benefits to it, due to the vitamins that are in it ( i will link a video below for you to watch if you are interested, however i am not going to list any facts here ... Cause thats not the point of this post ). I had also tried other companies, " greens " and vitamins... And honestly, found they tasted really gross. 

I will say when i first started drinking Shakeology ... it obviously didn't taste as good as my milkshakes, but it definitely didn't taste bad either. The more I drink it, honestly is the better it tastes. Its funny because when i first started drinking it, i didn't think it tasted " sweet " at all... now I almost find some flavours too sweet. 

I have not used the Shakeology over this past two years as a meal replacement... Although YES, I have lost weight. But I have taken it in addition to the meals I eat through out the day. So I am not sure if I can attribute much of my weight loss just to Shakeology. But what I can attest to, is the fact it HAS helped with my major sugar cravings. 

Guys, I literally used to wake up... craving cake. I couldn't even have cake in the house, cause I would eat it all in one sitting. 

I even took my Shakeology to my Naturopath recently, and she was floored by the ingredients, and could not believe how affordable it was considering the ingredients in it... If boughten on it's own would be thousands of dollars.

Needless to say, I am one happy camper. Have you tried Shakeology before ? What is YOUR favourite flavour ?