7 Reasons Why Most Retail Worker's Hate Their Job

Working retail can be one of the most trying jobs ever. I honestly think people under estimate that. 

Obviously, it's alot of relationship building, looking at beautiful linen's and patterns. But - based off of experience I thought I would point out 7 reasons why retail workers hate their job. 

... And don't worry, I am not wanting to sound like a debbie downer here, I will be following up this post with 7 reasons why most retail workers LOVE their job tomorrow ! 

So, let's jump right into it. 

1. There is no consistent work schedule. 
I am a firm believer in - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And I am a planner to the max... Like seriously, my life is fairly planned almost to the end of summer. So having a retail job where you don't know what hours you are going to be working, really doesn't help that area of life when you are trying to plan. 

2. Rude Customers. 
I feel like this one is a no brainer. But, no one likes being yelled at. And I do feel like we have created a bit of a monster with society these days, we want to offer the best customer service. But in turn, we have created a problem where people often feel like the more poorly they behave get's them what they want. And in turn, they treat people however they please. 

3. Feeling Invisible. 
It's amazing how people don't look up from their phones. I cannot tell you the countless times when I have seen people walk into a window, for the mere fact that they are looking down at their phones and not watching where they are going. Never mind the fact, that when customers come to pay for their items, they often don't even acknowledge your existence when they walk up to the till. They place their items on the counter, put in their debit card, grab their bag, and leave... All without even glancing your way. It's truly amazing. And not amazing in a good way. 

4. Long hours on your feet. 
I feel like this one goes without saying, and is just part and parcel of the job - you gotta be on your feet. Alot. So, hello blisters ! 

5. Working with people who may not be as committed to their job
Let me get into this one. Do you remember, in the karate kid, where Daniel son is having to wax on, and wax off ? And how he didn't see how that was possibly teaching him karate ? 

I think sometimes people can under value their job, because they just see it as a job that is paying the bills while they are in school, and therefore, don't take their jobs seriously. They call in 'sick', they give away all their shifts, or purely aren't committed to the task at hand or the team vision. That sometimes in retail working with attitudes like this can be the most challenging. 

6. High Turn Over.
I've found, working retail jobs has some of the highest turn over in employee's ever. So you are constantly fluctuating between having not enough hours, to too many hours. 

7. Catty Women. 
Let's be real, sometimes when you get a group of women together.. Thing's can get fiesty, fast. 

I listed to a great podcast from the gals from Stuff Mom Never Told You back around Christmas time, and i feel they hit most things on the BUTTON when it comes to retail jobs. You'll have to check it out

Have you ever had a retail job before, what was your most loathed aspect of it ? And remember, i've got a more up beat and positive post about retail coming up soon too ! 

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