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Well, Well, Well, since there is now over 49 THOUSAND of you following me on Instagram, I thought it would be the right time to do a little Q&A. If you haven't noticed, every milestone I hit, i like to hit you with some random facts about me, and this time I am going to do somewhat that... But during one of the podcasts i listen to, I heard of this app called, StoryCorps

Basically, it's an app that helps you put interview questions together. They come with questions that are categorized by the type of relationship you have with the person being interviewed ( be it your parents, grandparents, significant other, friend, etc. And then they also have the capabilities within the app to record the interview ! 

My mom is headed into town this weekend, and I think it would be pretty cool to ask her some of these questions. You never know how short, or how long life may be, and i know from experience that there are still some questions I would love to ask some of my grandparents, but unfortunately they aren't around anymore. This desire especially emerged out of me this week, because one of my auntie's messaged me saying my uncle did one of those DNA test's where they tell you what origin's you have in your blood / where your descendants are from. 

Which, get this... LOL I'm 17 % Irish on my dad's side, then the rest is split between Spanish and Portuguese. Bizarre, eh ! Now I totally want to find out what my mom's side is concocted with ! Wink Wink - holla at your girl Ancestory.com !

Anyways - I put together a list of 12 Questions that I thought were pretty intriguing, and am gonna have a go and sharing them / answering them for you all. 

Here we go ! 

Q : Can you tell me about one or two people who have been the biggest influences on your life ? 
A : Probably my little brother, and my grandmother on my dad's side. Once my little brother came along ( he is 7 at the time of writing this ). I really wanted to become more mature, and be able to help him if there ever came a time when he needed it.  Especially since there is such a huge age gap between us. And my grandmother was always kind and loving, even when i didn't deserve it. That she has influenced me to love with all my heart, even to those who don't seem to be deserving of it.

Q : What advice would you give to your teenage self ? 
A : I would probably give myself the advice of, embracing my individuality, and embracing my, bossiness lol. You were a born leader, and you will be valued for that when you are older. 

Q : Are there any positive moments or memories from your life that you think shaped who you are today ? Are there any negative events or memories that you think shaped who you are today ? 
A : I unfortunately think that there are more negative moments that have shaped me than positive ones. But that's what's so amazing to see when you look back at your life. A friend shared this quote with me, " we live life forward, but we understand it backwards ". If it wasn't for those trials, I wouldn't be where i am at now. And i am actually really happy with where I am at now, of course there are a few minor things i would change, but, overall, i am happy. 

Q : Of the people you've lost in your life, who do you miss the most ? What is it about them that you miss ? 
A : I hope this one doesn't come across as ungrateful, or that I haven't had that many influential people in my life. But I miss my dog the most. He's one of the only things that has truly chosen ME, and loved me unconditionally. 

Q : What are you the most grateful for ? 
A : I'm most grateful for my opportunity to create.

Q : Can you tell me about the dumbest thing you ever did in your life ? 
A : Not have car insurance, enough said on that one. 

Maybe at a later date i'll dive more into these questions... And I also think this may be fun to film with some friends / family. What do you think ? Would you be interested in seeing that ?! Let me know. 

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