The Uncomfortable Necessity Of Vulnerability.

In the past seven days I have had two particular conversation's with people, with two very similar outcomes. 

The outcome of me left there in the conversation, with that uncomfortable pang of vulnerability. I know that allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a difficult task for many of people. But i think I have found myself typically on the other end of the table - and have been the one asking or requiring people to put themself into a place of vulnerability with me. but not necessarily vice versa. 

However, although so uncomfortable, vulnerability is so key. 

It's a journey, it's a battle.

You have to figure out what work's and what doesn't work. 
But i do truly think that there is such power in allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and when you allow yourself the space, that's where you can truly feel freedom and ease. 

It's interesting to see how so many tasks in life can revolve around a space of being vulnerable. God sure know's this is especially true in the online influencer space. Nevermind, your relationships, friend or foe, romantic or plutonic - vulnerability is so key, but its such an uncomfortable place to dwell in. 

I've really learned this past week, that vulnerability is what creates more trust and more community. 

So talk about the things that scares you. Let yourself open up in ways you've never allowed yourself before. 

xo Nic