It Pretty Much Takes A Small Village

Hello My Loves !

I hope you all are having a fan-freakin-tastic Fri-Yay. I personally just got in, did some gardening, and am trying to do as much cleaning around the house, as you can do... When it's a massive construction zone. But, there has been some progress today, and it is absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait for it to be done to show you guys !

That being said, i am just trying to wind down and gear up for a day mixed of some fun, and some adulting, and as i sit back and take note of all of the things that I need to get maintained at the moment, it's actually blowing my mind how appreciate I am, and how much it actually takes to keep me looking on point. It pretty much takes a small village. 

If you didn't know, I am a beautician by trade, and that being said... I take care of my waxing myself, but they're something that needs to be maintained once a week, in order to keep my brows looking fresh and crisp. 

My hair on the other hand, is quite the hot mess. As you will know I have been transitioning to going lighter this year, and my dear friend Jenny takes care of me in the hair department. Thank goodness, i am seeing her next week, because i've lost quite a few of my tape in's and i'm looking like the black version of Cynthia from the Rugrats.

My nails... Now, i am not one to go wild with my nails, but I have been obsessing over Lydia Elise Millen's signature nail's lately ! It's like a nudey-rose goldy- champagney- chrome colour, and although my nails do grow out long, I have used a bit of shellac / gel to keep them strong whilst I grow them out. Thankfully my girl Roberta hooks me up in the nail department. I also go for a monthly pedicure these day's, because nothing will make you cringe more, than when you see those ratchet looking toes in your outfit photos. * you only make that mistake once lol. 

I've already gone into the clothing aspect of thing's in a previous post - so i am not going to dive back into that one, but seriously - brand partnerships, are such a blessing when you are in this industry ! 

All in all... Not to say woe is me... But, alot of work goes into this blogging thing. I am not too sure if I thought that it would be this much upkeep if I am honest. 

What is one thing that has surprised you in your career, good, or bad ? 

Dress - Dynamite - Here
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo - Here