No New Clothes

 If you have been following my blog and instagram for a while now. You probably would have seen that there has been a little bit of a shift in the type of content that i am putting up. And i thought i would take the time in today's post to dive into that a little bit. 

If you were around last year this time, you would have seen plenty of new outfits - rarely would you see me re wearing anything. 

That is for a couple of reasons. 1. When I was back in Canada, I was working quite closely with the brand Dynamite Clothing. I was able to take the clothes that I was wanting to shoot in, or film in - without any cost to me. This was / is called a “merchandise pull “. 

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That Awkward Moment When ...

Hello my loves, 

Today i am coming at you with a bit of a different post. You see i have just had three days off - i have been working my butt of blogging, creating content, going out to shoot content. Met with a few new photographers - just to have some back up, although i am so happy with whom i've been working with. 

But today i wanted to talk to you a bit about the real and unfortunate side of being a content creator. I think sometimes, it is SUPER easy to see someone posting #AD's online, and for you to think that they are absolutely rolling in it. 

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The Boutique Made of Designer Dreams | The Village Green

I don't care who you are, i don't think there is anyone out there.. that does not like a good bargain. That being said, i know what someone considers to be a 'bargain' will vary person to person, since that is such a relative term. But believe me... If you are into designer goods you will want to read this post. 

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My Favourite Summer Accessory

Now that we are right in the middle of summer - I feel like its the most perfect moment to put claim to the most loved item in my summer favourites collection. 

… And that’s my new super cute, and adorable picnic basket. I legit am so obsessed with picnic baskets at the moment, I think I may start a collection and get a new one every year lol. 

But seriously, I think when your love language is quality time - a perfect way to get some of that quality time in ya, is to a pack a lunch, grab some bubbly, round up your favourite person, or persons… And find somewhere to go take a picnic. 

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Heartfelt Vintage | Not Your Typical Vintage Shop

I had the recent pleasure of visiting Heartfelt Vintage this past weekend, and let me tell you it was quite the treat.  Not only was it a treat because i had internet stalked this shop online from way before i even got back to Bristol. But because I had the opportunity to spend some real quality time with Paul's mom, and auntie ! Conviently enough, both named Jackie, or as i like to call them, Jackie squared.

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Dang GOOD ! Date Night Out At Dangun Bristol !

With another week down, it's starting to become a bit of tradition for us to seal the week off some sort of outing. This week, we were headed to a new restaurant called, Dangun !

Dangun is actually the sister venue to Tuk Tuk, and has recently opened on St. Nicholas Street, and is one of a kind in the Asian food world in Bristol !

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