3 Way's To Sell Your Used Clothing Online

Nicole Fiona Serrao Bristol Based Fashion Blogger

When i was back in Canada, and I had the opportunity of working with Dynamite Clothing quite regularly… I knew by time i got to England, i would have alot less closet space that I would be working with.

And man oh man, is that an understatement. Being fully transparent, Paul has a bit of a shopping problem ( joking… but not really ) and he has literally taken over so much of the closet and drawer space ! That being said, i am such a believer of… if you are not wearing / using something… get it outta here !

On another, somewhat random note, if you have heard me bang on about Gary Vaynerchuck you know how much i listen to his word. And he is always talking about how if people sold things that they had around the house ( especially those things that they were not using ), they would be able to make so much more money, and be able to everything that they are trying to accomplish in their business.

nicole fiona serrao bristol based fashion and beauty blogger

With that, i have been selling SO much of our used, and unwanted clothing. It is not even funny!

We both had so many clothes ( even with the tags still on it ) that were beautiful in theory… but truthfully, we were just not reaching for.

So in today’s blog post, i thought i would go over some of the ways that we have been selling our used clothing online.

1. Ebay

So far, Ebay has been by far, my favourite way of selling our clothes. It’s pretty easy to use. And you can often find similar items being sold on the platform. Which helps you title your items better.

However, i find that when i try to find brands on the platform that are Canadian, and i am selling them in a UK market… the Canadian retailers can often not be found.

Ebay also charges a small fee. However the first time i sold anything via the platform, i made almost £150.00 and only paid approx £7.00 in fee’s. To me, that is totally worth it !

2. Depop

Personally this is not the way i have sold majority of my items. Primarily cause none of the things i am selling are that current. But if i were selling items that were quite recent, i think i would have gone this route.

3. Instagram

I have seen tons of other bloggers make an instagram account in which they post the items that they are selling, and then a person claims the item, and sends them the fee. And then once the fee is collected, the owner posts the item.

This can be a little bit scary for the buyer, as there is no guarantee that the person will actually send the item. And on the other side of things, someone may claim an item, and then never actually send the funds through.

Do you sell any of your gently used items online ? What is your preferred way of selling them ?