INTRODUCING | Sunday Style Shop

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that this little blog has taken journeys to all different places of the blogging world map.

And if you are new here, let me catch you up a little bit. Back in Canada, I worked professionally as a beautician, as well as managed one of Canada’s top fashion stores, Dynamite Clothing. And with that, I was given ton’s of opportunities to show case some of my favourite fashion trends.

During that time, I found that my content was 100% fashion focused, however since arriving here in the UK, I definitely have become more of a lifestyle brand. However, with saying that… I am going to start to try and me much more intention with you guys, and resume showing you some of my favourite items that are in stores now.

With that, I am so excited to announce to you guys this new segment on my blog called, ‘ SUNDAY STYLE SHOP ‘!

Here are some of the things that I just cannot get out of my head, and cannot wait to get into my closet.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop & Other Stories

I am so obsessed with these & Other Stories denim. I find a wide leg denim, can look so chic ! Especially when paired with the right boot !

You can find them here.

Nicole fiona serrao Sunday style shop castaner wedges

After seeing these beauties on Lydia Elise Millen a few seasons back, they have always been on my shopping list. But if i am honest, as much as i love the cream / off white colour that i see the majority of people wear them in, i would be so petrified of wrecking them and getting them dirty.

So that’s why i am in love with the Navy blue ones that you can find here.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop & Other Stories Dress

This past week i was out at a meeting with the team from Jewel Street, and the lovely Vivianne had this dress on in a lovely orange. And although i couldn’t find that exact colour way online, i did manage to find this one which is just as lovely.

You can see this one in closer detail here.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop Givenchy Khaki Dress

This week i ran into a lovely Bristol Blogger named Lois, and she had the cutest Khaki Dress on from Zara… Now i don’t know about you, but as much as i love Zara, i just cannot deal with the mayhem that the store typically is. And their website is just not user friendly in my opinion. So when i stumbled across this one from Givenchy, of course it is coming in at a higher price point… but oh my lanta, it is beautiful none the less.

You can find this one here.


Okay, now hear me out, i know this isn’t really the time of year that most people will be grabbing for this item.

But who knows, you may be reading this little blog from Australia… or you may live in a temperamental England like me and need to make sure that you have all type of weather permitting clothing at all times.

None the less, this Cashmere sweater looks divine and i’m sure it feel’s divine too. You can find it here.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop Giambattista Valli Ruffled crepe mini dress

Are you heading to any weddings here in summer 2019, this could be the perfect option for you ! This Giambattista Valli Ruffled crepe mini dress is the perfect colour for nuptial watching. Don’t you think ?

You can find it here.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop Nicholas Kirkwood

I feel as though i am a little bit late to the party with the pearl in boot trend, but better late then never. Right ?

Truthfully, i have heard that often the pearl’s don’t stay in the boot, so i have been very leary about which design i go for. However these Nicholas Kirkwood ones look awesome, especially as the pearl is somewhat imbedded in the heel.

You can find them here.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Sunday Style Shop NA-KD

The floral dress that is not sickening floral. If you are like me, you like floral… but you do not like necessarily looking prissy, and overly feminine. With that, i often struggle to find the perfect floral piece.

This one from NA-KD hit’s jut the right spot. You can find it here.


The Gabbana skirt of dreams. Now i know i just said that i am not a super feminine person when it comes to my style. But i do not think it is just me, that thinks that Dolce & Gabbana prints always look like a timeless classic.

And this one is exactly that, you can find it here.


Another printed beauty, but i love how this one reminds me of porcelain designs. I can also totally envision me wearing this one in the autumn time with a leather jacket and a vampy red dark lip. Can you ?

You can find this one here.


If you know my all time favourite movie, this dress will probably not come as much of a shock to you. But this dress totally reminds me of the dress that Maria wear’s in The Sound Of Music. You know, the scene where she is at the party, when she has that hotter then hot dance with the ultimate dream boat Captain Von Trapp.

I think this dress is so classic but the material and the cut, really sexy’s it up. And i would absolutely LOVE getting my hands on it. You can find it here.

I hope you have enjoyed this first Sunday Style Shop. But let me know, would you want to see some home-y bits in here too ? Or should i strictly stick to clothes & accessories with this list ?