If you guys haven’t heard… I have launched my VERY OWN COLLECTION with Jewel Street ! They took the time to interview me over on their site recently, and I thought that I would share the post over here for you to see as well.

Let me know the pieces that you have your eye on, I sure know that there is a few that I have added to my wish list.

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3 Way's To Sell Your Used Clothing Online

When i was back in Canada, and I had the opportunity of working with Dynamite Clothing quite regularly… I knew by time i got to England, i would have alot less closet space that I would be working with.

And man oh man, is that an understatement. Being fully transparent, Paul has a bit of a shopping problem ( joking… but not really ) and he has literally taken over so much of the closet and drawer space ! That being said, i am such a believer of… if you are not wearing / using something… get it outta here !

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INTRODUCING | Sunday Style Shop

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that this little blog has taken journeys to all different places of the blogging world map.

And if you are new here, let me catch you up a little bit. Back in Canada, I worked professionally as a beautician, as well as managed one of Canada’s top fashion stores, Dynamite Clothing. And with that, I was given ton’s of opportunities to show case some of my favourite fashion trends.

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