Nicole Fiona Serrao Influencer Advisor Brand Bestie Digital Content Creator

what is your full time job ?

I think it’s easiest to say that i am a full time blogger. Although majority of the content that i post is not on this exact website. My other social channels have become somewhat of a micro blog that i post to as well. With that, there are tons of different ways that i get paid depending on the various channels.

do you have to live somewhere specific to be a blogger ?

This is something that i don’t think gets addressed enough in this industry. Although i believe this answer to be NO, i will say that a persons blogging experience and success’ can look VERY different depending on the place that they live ! If you live in New York, LA, or London… you will definitely have an easier chance of getting connected with brands, then someone who lives a bit more rurally.

what’s the biggest challenge that bloggers / influencers face ?

This is such a tricky one - but i think first and foremost, you will forever be a student in this job. There is always something new that you will need to learn, whether a new platform, a new technology or a new device. From there, once you learn it, and you excel at it, you will forever be in constant pursuit of growth to keep your craft relevant, especially as people start to imitate what you are doing. It is also so easy to fall into a comparison trap with others.


why did i start blogging ?

I have always had this obsession with documenting things. I used to take tons of pictures, and then get them developed. And then there came a point where i remember i just needed to vent, and get my thoughts out… but there was no one that i fully trusted to talk about things. And that’s where i made my first blog - on Tumblr !

how do i edit & What camera do i use ?

If i am not shooting with my photographer , i am either using my Canon Rebel T6i with my 50mm, 35mm, or 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Or if i am on the go, it is typically my Canon G7x II. I edit all of my photo’s in Lightroom.

what is the biggest misconception about blogging ?

I think the myth that this is an easy job is slowly disappearing. But I don’t think people realise that it is a 7 day a week job. I know it can look like alot of freebies, but nothing in this industry truly comes for free. There is always an expectation !

Beyond that, i think that people think it’s just a creative job, when actually it is a very business oriented job. You also must wear many hats, as often you are the creative, you’re the business person, you’re the administrative person… and the list goes on !