Love Breaks Through

Oh God. 
I know that i've been running. 
But your love was chasing me. 
And all this time i have been searching,
for someone to rescue me.
Mistake upon mistake. 
I've taken you for granted. 
It's funny how I say,
You are all I want. 
and now my worlds collapsed, 
all these years wasted.
And i'm wondering if you will have me back
despite the disgrace
it's ridiculous i know
but i still cant believe i am here. 
Your love breaks through my darkest night. 
I know You love me still. 
but i should have seen it coming. 
the winds if pain have blown
i am holding on to hope that this wont be in the end of me
you breathe life into my bones, 
and calms my raging seas

Your love breaks through my darkest night. 

I had so much fun filming the other day with two of my friends from church - One being my Pastor, and the other being my friend Kyle, whom i am going to be working with for some pretty cool stuff coming up soon here. I can't wait to share it with y'all. 

But this past week, we filmed a fun, but dramatic response video for one of my favourite worship songs, that was actually written by one of our other Pastors ! Here's to hoping that it will finally be recorded and available for download soon, cause it's seriously one of my faves. 

It's been on my heart lately to share more on the faith portion of my blog, but honestly... I get so caught up in my head with, if i am going to write something that is wrong. Or if the content that I am going to write about is too personal, I mean, I am all for sharing my life on the internet... But i guess this topic can be super intimate, and super personal, and ... I also think because my relationship with God has developed through some of the darkest times of my life, it kinda makes it really hard to talk about. 

One of the reasons I love this worship song so much is because it really puts into words the kind of love and rest that having a relationship with God does for you. His love breaks through, your darkest nights, and that kind of love helps you get through your day.

Take this post as a bit of a random one, but, also know that it is something that is on my heart to share more on... I just need to learn how to articulate myself a little bit more clearly <3. 

... In the meanwhile, check out the BTS action, it's crazy how editing and equipment, and music can totally change the tone of a video hahah. We got absolutely drenched filming this!