A Night Of Dreams at HAIRisma with Help The Help !

Hey Guys !! 

I hope everyone is doing well this weekend ! I am off galavanting around town with some of my girlfriends, but before I get too carried away and back logged in blog posts, I thought I would share the event I was at this past Monday with you!

Help The Help is a movement that desires to see many walks of life come together for the betterment of humanity.

The d
ream started over God talks, coffee, doodling on napkins, and our own involvement in the missions world. Help the Help is the first purpose driven movement of its sort that aims to provide a platform for creatives, small business’ and advocacy groups. The community is filled with a myriad of people that have collectively joined together to embody change.

The goal of each event is to highlight a different NGO/frontline worker each month and give back 20% of sales to their cause. We believe that together we can holistically reach the tangible needs of those in frontline work through love, creativity, innovation and by dreaming big! 

Brett Woida, Adrienne Fudge, Rebecca Miketon
Cherisse Zerbin & Brody Andersen
Paul Woida Music

At this Help The Help event, we heard from Cherisse Zerbin & Brody Andersen, Mark Klassen, Adrienne Fudge, Rebecca Miketon & Brett Woida, as well as Paul Woida !

Honestly, as someone who goes to alot of live music events... The $20 ticket cost blew me away considering I got to see, and hear so many amazing people play. Nevermind the fact, that $10 of that went towards any shopping of the vendors that were there !  

Nicole Serrao Adrienne Fudge
Mark Klassen
Justin Wiesinger
Andy Lam Paulina Guinez

These events are always so cute, and such an amazing time out to spend with some of my favourite people. It's amazing to see how 1. we all can come together for a great cause, and 2. Throw together things to make it all look so cute. and 3. See the talent and giftings amongst the friends around us!

So, not only was there live music, as well as vendors to shop from... but there was so much food going around, but i honestly think my favourite part was getting the free neck massages ! I didn't happen to make it to the station to get my hair and make up done, however I heard that was great too! 

Last, but definitley not least... I totally vlogged the day ! But, LOL bare with me. I totally broke my memory card before heading out, and the one I had was so small that I had to vlog from my phone as well... So, the quality of the vlog totally wasn't consistent, but HEY, why not share it with ya anyways! 

I am off to the craft sale, and then going to a another live music / fundraiser thing tonight, that I will be taking the camera along with me to share with you guys as well ! 

Have a great rest of your weekeend !!