If you have had the privilege of meeting me in real life, you know that I live and breathe social media ! And although I would say I have a pretty health relationship with it, I seriously LOVE it. But most of all, I love sharing everything I know about it with others.

It is SO amazing how Social Media can connect you with others. And this could not have been more true than when I moved to the UK from Canada. It allowed me to have an avenue to connect with other local bloggers, and make new friends with like minded interests.

And what I found was, the people that i was connecting with, the more that they BLOOMED in life, and their online career… was the more that they wanted to TELL and share about it. And i loved how it created a ‘Community Over Competition’ culture ! Which is exactly what I am about.

The online blogging world can often be a very secretive community - and I thought, how cool would it be if there was an online space where we could swap ideas, share contacts, attend events with one another… But most of all, share the exact ways that we were able to bring in an income from it!

And that is how the Bloom & Tell community was born !

Nicole Fiona Serrao Bloom + Tell Support Group