Nicole Fiona Serrao Clifton Dental Surgery Invisalign Treatment

If you guys know me personally, you’re probably aware that I am terrified of the dentist. And with that, it has been a shocking 14 years since I last visited a dentist.

Sure, I have made it into a clinic for consultations... but as for actual treatments, I haven’t been since I came off of my dads benefit plan just before I turned 19.

Growing up, I didn’t have the warmest dentist, which I think just attributed to me already not being at ease with the whole situation.

And then when it came time to get some orthodontic work, I was treated at the University of Alberta, by students who were just learning. This obviously came in at a a fraction of the cost, but with that, that things probably took a lot longer because it was students and teachers treating you.

That being said, here I am, in my 30’s and I’m scared of the dentist - so silly right?

This past month, I had the opportunity of talking with the folks over at Clifton Dental Surgery, and we had a chat about what some potential treatment could look like.

You see, I’m sure a lot of you haven’t noticed, but I’ve got these two twisted teeth at the front of my mouth that drive me crazy. So when Clifton Dental Surgery asked if I would be potentially interested in Invisalign, I knew I had to put my fears aside and seize this opportunity.

Some of you may be wondering, if I am going to be doing Invisalign why do I need to chat to you about the dentistry aspect of things.

Well that is because, if I have any cavities, and I then start using the Invisalign trays... the cavities will potentially just get worse. So it’s super important to get them taken care of ASAP.

With that, my first appointment with Clifton Dental Surgery we took some pictures of my mouth; and then requested my x-rays from Canada to be sent over.

And then for the Invisalign, they actually have this nifty gadget that takes images of your mouth. And then those images get sent off to Invisalign so your trays can be made.

Once they have scanned your mouth, they are able to show you almost what is like a digital mould of your mouth ( thank god they don’t have to use those messy cumbersome trays anymore ). And with that, they’re able to show you what your smile will project to look like once you are done treatment.

Once you have discussed what you like, or don’t like about your projected smile, your trays are sent off to be made.

From here you are also sent an email with access to view these digital / moving images of your mouth, which is super cool if you want to cross reference anything at any point in time.

Watch this video to see just what everything went down like, it was honestly super cool / easy.

I’ll touch base with you guys again, once I have gone for my appointment to sort out these cavities. In the meanwhile, let me know, have you had any type of brace ? If not, would you consider Invisalign?

This treatment has been given to me complimentary however all views an opinions are my own. If you are in Bristol and or surrounding area, please get in touch with Clifton Dental Surgery here : 0117 9737 444