Nicole Fiona Serrao How To Keep My Oily Skin Matte For Longer

This post is dedicated to my other oily skinned babies out there, who’s faces go like a nice oil slick in the summer.

Jokes aside, is there anyone else out there that struggles with this ? Or is it just me.

When it comes to make up, i think i can speak for the majority of us, and say that we will go to all lengths to find that product that is just right for us.

And for me, since my face is quite oily in general, however in the summer months when the heat is rising… my oily skin is on another level. And although dewey skin is ‘ in ‘ these days…. i do think there is a fine line between dew, and just pure oil lol.

With that said, i have been on the hunt for a product that will help keep me mattified, but still show my natural skin, and not look like a cake face.

With that, i find that when my skin / make up has more of a mattified finish to it, it also really helps minimise the appearance of my pores.

This summer i have been using a product that has helped me keep looking nice and matte ( but not too matte) .

nicole fiona serrao bare minerals mattefying powder for dark skin
nicole fiona serrao bare minerals make up for acne prone skin

As a woman with darker skin, i find loose powder quite challenging at times as it can appear quite chalky looking on my skin. But this Bare Minerals Original loose powder does not do that at all.

And what i also love is, is that the powder doesn’t matteify me to the point where my skin doesn’t even look real. I love to have a look that is as natural as possible, if i am honest.

BareMinerals powders come in 30 true to you shades, so you can get flawless, good for skin coverage, in every tone, and skin type. Which i absolutely love!

With that, i actually find that i am preferring the original powder, as opposed to the matte powder, because again, i like my skin to look like it barely has any product on it ( but obviously still want my blemishes, and hyperpigmentation covered ).

The other amazing thing about Bare Minerals is, is that it is so pure, you can sleep in it ( although i would never do that lol ). In these summer months, my oily skin is already so acne prone. Nevermind even more so once i have started to sweat. And with that, using a product that is going to help diminish the appearance of imperfections, without drying the skin out is SUCH a plus.

Also, giving me flawless coverage, with a naturally luminous finish is an extra added bonus. This make up is so pure, that it won’t even cause break outs if you slept in it.

Do you use any product’s that help keep you looking matte AND won’t break you out ? Sharing is caring, so hook a sista up with some recommendations! I’m aways here to be trying & testing out new things.

* These products were kindly gifted to me by BareMinerals, however all opinions were my own *