Empress Tips | Demo & Review

Press on nails, who woulda thought that was something that coulda been made cool again ! 

Last month I was kindly sent some of the hottest product in the land of stick on nails, they totally aren't your average stick on nail, as they come in such a wide variety of designs, and honestly, aren't tacky looking. 

Personally, I love the way that nails look... But i don't really like looking that extra ALL the time, no offence to those who do. 

Plus, I don't really have the time or finances to set aside for the craziest set out there. My friends at The Ins Studio, were telling me how it can cost upwards of $300 for completley bedazzled set... As well as, on the podcast of Beauty and the Vlog, where the creator of Empress Tips was interviewed, she too mentioned how nails like this can cost hundred of dollars in the salon, and thats where she came up with the idea to create an alternative for those who want that look, without that price tag ! 

Check out the YouTube video below to hear all of my thoughts on these press on nails ! You'll hear what I liked, and what I think can be improved on ! 

However, I didn't give a full tutorial on how to put on the nails, so follow along below to find out how to apply them ! 

Application Guide : 

1. Use manicure stick on cuticle area of your natural nails for an accurate fit. 

2. Gently buff your natural nails, then clean your nails using nail polish remover. 

3. Select correct nail size, and file for perfect fit. 

4. Apply a thin layer of glue, to back of Empress Tip, and natural nail. 

5. Starting at the cuticle press on firmly and hold for about ten seconds until dry. 

6. File Empress tip to change shape or length of nail. 


Soak nails into warm water for several minutes until soft. Gently lift sides of the Empress Tip to remove. Never force or pull nails off as this may cause damager to your natural nails. Use included buffer to buff off excess glue if needed. 



Have you ever used press on nails before ?? What is your experience with them ? I am floored and the longevity of these guys, and how easy they were to put on !